What if you could create an atmosphere for your horse that caused him to crave getting on the trailer? Wouldn’t you rather spend five minutes putting your horse on the trailer and not five hours outside trying to convince them to get on?

Hard to believe, but it can be done. Trailer loading does not need to be stressful for you or your horse. Let me show you how.  Next horse show or trail ride, you can sleep in an extra four hours instead of having to plan for the five-hour potential fight just to get on the road!

$100 per trip fees may apply depending on distance.

During this problem-solving session, I will load your horse and teach you how to successfully load your horse. Some horses are harder cases than others. I will always do my best to get you and your horse confidently loading in the first session, however, we have to keep this real, there are going to be some horses and horse owners who will need more than one lesson.

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Trailer Loading Problems?

As a twelve year old, I can vividly remember my first horse refusing to get on the trailer, as my father, swore under his breath, that Night Star was gonna load that day, or one of them was gonna die trying.  Luckily, neither died, BUT, the horse did not get on either. I was crying, my dad was swearing, there were  buckets of grain, coaxing, sweet words and of course carrots. Then came the whips and ropes.

Nothing worked.

Isn’t that generally how it is in life? 

Bribery, beating and dominance doesn’t work!

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