Feb 20 2018

Top Line Media Team Can Help Your Business On Facebook

Have you noticed that your Facebook feed has changed? Seeing the same small handful of friends or business pages over and over and over again?

Almost three years ago I hired Erinn Berge, owner of Top Line Media Team to manage Safe Horse Training’s marketing and media strategy. As the sole proprietor, I struggled to keep my company out in front with the search engines and on Facebook. If I was slow, I had plenty of time to market, if I was busy because I was slow and managed my marketing, I didn’t have time to stay consistent with my strategy. It was a vicious circle that caused my income to fluctuate up and down.

Erinn and her team at Top Line Media Team stay on top of such social media changes, as I first mentioned with Facebook.

Facebook pages are getting less exposure, “boost posts” are getting fewer results. It’s Facebook’s direction now to get us “engaging” with each other, thereby putting less emphasis on “likes” and more importance on “shares” and “comments”.

In an effort to keep Safe Horse Training with Joyce Lewis in the forefront of Facebook and in your feed, we now have a  Safe Horse Training Tips group. Twice a week I will post a training tip for the Safe Horse Training Tips group. It’s a fun way for us to stay connected and share information to help you keep your horse learning and improving.

If you are a business owner, struggling with the same marketing issues I was, I highly recommend you reach out to Erinn! An equestrian herself, Erinn will put you and your business on the map and keep you very, very busy!

Ride Safe!