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Safe Horse Training Clinics in Georgia and North Carolina

Riders learn how to establish and maintain a safe and respectful relationship with their equine partner. Public and private clinics available.

Monthly Training & Lessons

Horses start in the round pen, taught fundamental groundwork, ridden in the arena, open fields, trails & our obstacle course.

Foal Handling

When a colt is taught at an early age to be respectful to the human, it not only makes your life easier, but his life easier, as well.

Trailer Loading Training

During this problem solving session, I will load your horse and teach you how to successfully load your horse. Some horses are harder cases than others. I will always do my best to get you and your horse confidently loading in the first session, however, we have to keep this real, there are going to be some horses and horse owners who will need more than one lesson.

Horses for Sale

View the horses that Safe Horse Training has for sale.  Every horse for sale has a Safe Horse Training  Foundation!

Is Safe Horse Training the answer?

If you answer yes to any of these questions, we can help:

  • Are you frustrated with your horse’s disrespectful attitude?  Lack of discipline?  Lack of knowledge?
  • Are you short on time that is required to train your horse in order to achieve a willing equine partner?
  • Possibly you have a youngster that is ready to start under saddle?
  • Or a foal that is ready to be weaned and needs to learn ground manners?

Located in Georgia, Safe Horse Training is the solution to your horse frustrations! In our Safe Horse Training Clinics, riders learn how to establish and maintain a safe and respectful relationship with their horse. Monthly horse training and private lessons available. We regularly travel to for private horse clinics outside of Atlanta and Athens area in Georgia! We regularly provide horse training in Charlotte, North Carolina though our public and private clinics.

Joyce Lewis Horse Trainer Athens Georgia