Mar 1 2016

Memorial Ride honoring Janell Johnson Mount

Morrow Mountain State Park

Albemarle, NC 28001

Saturday, April 16th 2016

Join Joyce Lewis, Safe Horse Training and others as they ride at Morrow Mountain State Park in honor and memory of her sister, Janell Mount. The memorial ride will benefit St. Jude’s Childrens Hospital.

We have a little extra fun plan for the St. Jude’s Ride adding a game of Poker!!! $5.00 per hand, purchase as many hands as you’d like, split the pot 50/50 with St. Jude’s

Janell lived life to the fullest, riding her equine partner, Icon for over 15 years.  Together they participated in numerous NATRC events, enthusiastically and unselfishly sharing her knowledge with new competitors. Together with her husband Tom, Janell participated in several 5k runs, sprint triathlons and warrior dash mud runs.

Can’t make it?  Give a gift instead on the St. Jude site!  

Download instructions for Registration & Poker Ride

Current Negative Coggins

Required at Check In

Saddle up for St. Jude’s in honor of Janell Johnson Mount

  • Saturday April 16th at Morrow Mountain, Albemarle, NC; Rain Date April 17th
  • Even though the National Park service states that Morrow Mountain trails are closed, that does not apply to the St. Jude’s ride.
  • Registration for the St. Jude’s ride begins at 9 am
  • Minimum donation of $35.00 per rider for St. Jude’s
  • Ride between 10 am and 3 pm







How the Poker Ride Works


  • Poker Ride to Benefit St. Jude’s
  • Each hand is $5.00
  • Purchase as many hands as you’d like
  • Split the pot 50/50 with St. Jude’s.
  • Sign in at “Poker Ride” table
  • This registration is in addition to the registration for the “St. Jude’s Ride”
  • Tell volunteer how many hands you’d like to play
  • You will receive a wristband to wear that shows the number of hands you purchased
  • Pay the volunteer; Preferably in Cash, so we can pay the winner 50% of the pot
  • Your name and number of hands will be logged
  • Out on the trail, there will be five volunteers at five random check points who will hand you a poker chip for the number of hands you are playing
  • After you have completed the ride and taken care of your horse, come by the Poker Table where you signed in, give your five chips to the volunteer and then you will draw five cards from the deck.
  • Each hand drawn will be recorded in the log
  • Once the last rider has completed the trail, we will announce who drew the highest hand.
  • The winner of the poker ride will receive 50% of the pot in cash; so please, be prepared with cash when you sign in.


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