Feb 22 2017

Kinsey and Mandy

Good morning! I thought you might like to see a few pictures of Kinsey and Mandy. She is doing well and has already gotten used to the routine at the barn. At first she wasn’t a fan of the cow and the turkey but once she realized they weren’t going to eat her it was fine! She is such a sweet girl. I can’t begin to tell you how happy I am to watch her and Kinsey bond and grow together.  Even though I don’t ride, I am enjoying loving on her and helping Kinsey when she needs me. Katelyn has been wonderful helping us transition into horse ownership as we are still learning lots of things. Many thanks to you and her previous owner for taking such good care of Mandy and for allowing us many more years of love and enjoyment with her. I will continue to send pictures every now and then if you’d like. Take care, Christie McRee

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