Jan 19 2018
Presida_ Safe Horse Training

Katherine and Presida Story, A Journey of Healing

Katherine contacted me this past summer about behavioral issues that Presida, her Hanoverian yearling,  was beginning to develop. I was only five months into my recovery from a life-changing horse accident in January.  Naturally, I was cautious and maybe even a little hesitant to take on a training horse at the time. If you ask Katherine, she’d probably tell you our first conversation was more like a grilling, rather than an interview. I distinctly remember bluntly telling Katherine that if she was not involved with the training of her filly, I would discontinue her training. I guess you could say I was a little “spooked” at taking on any more horses with training issues and owners not committed to working through those issues with their horses. 

But Katherine hung in there with me and overlooked my skepticism. Presida started with a solid two weeks of handling in preparation for her second American Hanoverian Inspection at the Georgia International Horse Park. This large filly was, to put it politely, a bit bossy, pushy and opinionated.  

Katherine faithfully drove twice a week from Atlanta to Athens to observe and participate in Presida’s education. Once, the filly had a decent handle on her, Katherine stepped in to start handling the filly establishing leadership. There is a learning curve with anything. Regardless of any frustration, Katherine may have felt learning a new “dance” with her horse, she stuck with it and became her filly’s leader. 

It’s been an absolute pleasure and maybe even a little bit healing for me, to now watch Katherine and Presida communicate effectively. Katherine’s growth in leadership with Presida has changed this beautiful filly’s destiny.