Nov 9 2017

LEASED! Dontello-Hanoverian Cross

LEASED! Donatello is a 3-year-old Hanoverian Cross that is ready to be started under saddle. He’s been through an extensive groundwork program, saddled (not ridden) self-trailer loads, super easy to be around. Naturally quiet and laid back. No problem with needles, vet exams, excellent and obedient with farrier.

I purchased him as an 18-month-old with the intention to start under saddle as a three-year-old. The chute jumping and first saddling video is from 2016. I have not worked with Donatello since then. From the videos you can tell Donatello has an amazing disposition. His first chute jumping, notice how afterward, Donatello simply stops and waits for me. His first saddling was a non-issue. He did not even slightly hump up with the saddle, which included a back cinch. This beautiful young horse is going to be super easy to get started under saddle. Donatello is willing, eager to learn, naturally quiet. Because of his solid, good mind, I think he’d be amazing in Cross Country or Fox Hunting. He definitely will not have an issue in a show environment. 

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