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Safe Horse Monthly Training

  • DeSpooking

  • Colt Starting

  • Problem Starting

  • Obstacle Training

  • Confidence Building

A Safe Horse Foundation

All horses in the Safe Horse Training Program are started in the round pen, taught fundamental groundwork, and then are ridden in the arena, out in open fields, on the local trails. This diverse training program builds a safe, solid equine partner from the ground up. Once your horse has graduated from the program, she will be ready to begin a career in Trail Riding, Dressage and Jumping or any other discipline you choose.

Think about the Safe Horse Training Program as your horse’s Kindergarten through Twelfth Grade education. While in our Safe Horse Training program, your horse will receive consistent training that will build the foundation for life. You can expect your horse to walk/trot/canter at a consistent speed on a loose rein, stop with one rein, two reins, off your seat and with a simple “whoa”. Your horse will steer off your leg or with the rein.

Like with any individual’s learning ability, your horse’s experience will be unique to them. You will be kept in the loop as to their progress and be a part of the decision making as to how to move forward with your horse’s individual needs.

Monthly Training

  • $1,600/Includes Board

Private Lessons

  • $65/hr

Additional Services

  • Body Clipping

    • 14 hands and under $100, plus sedative, if needed
    • 14.1 hands and over $150, plus sedative, if needed
  • Hauling

    • Charges apply round trip
    • $0.75 unloaded
    • $1.25 loaded

Over a comprehensive six to eight week period, Joyce Lewis will turn your horse into a soft, obedient, willing horse for you to enjoy on the trails or in the show ring.  The Safe Horse Training Program will take your horse from the round pen to the trails, to the obstacle course and the show ring.  All horses are taught how to walk, trot, canter on a loose rein in the arena, on the trail and out in the open. Trailer loading, clipping, feet handling, hobbling and obstacle negotiation is all part of the program.

Pricing for the program is based on a weekly fee of $250.00, plus $150.00 per week for board. The first two weeks, the horses are worked with no days off. Beginning on the third week, there is one day off. If your horse becomes sick, lame or for any other reason cannot be worked, you will not be charged a training fee for the missed days. Board, however, will continue to occur.

Generally, clients are on the waiting list twelve to fourteen weeks for an opening. Call 704-836-6201 or email Joyce with questions or to schedule your horse for training.

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