Feb 24 2016

Helen Cartledge & Hypnotiq

Hypnotiq was amazing at his first show this year ! Normally he is spooky, ready to take off or buck and spin. With the program Joyce Lewis has been training him through I was actually able to ride my horse at a dressage show not just “hang on or be ready for the worst!” A new thinking mind at a show was such a new amazing thing to feel and ride. He was consistently into to me and the training vs what was or could be happening around him. I could not be more proud about his willing attitude to trailer to a show and go to work. It was am amazing feeling ! Thank you so much to Joyce Lewis for training my horse how to handle the heavy pressure of horse showing and behaving. Also thank you to Cindy Simmons Thaxton for the huge help preparing for the show and being an excellent instructor and Claire Coman for being a great show buddy to help keep me personally calm and relaxed. I could not have or will be this successful without the ladies! Joyce thank you more than you could ever know to be able to have such a good relationship with my horse. #wegotthis # safehorsetraining #‎jlrocks

-Helen Cartledge

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