Foal Handling


Foal Handling is by far the best investment you can make in your colt or filly. At Safe Horse Training, your foal, weanling or yearling is handled twice a day, learning respect for the human and also desensitization to scary objects. It is so important to not only desensitize the youngsters, teaching them to accept ropes, tarps, plastic bags and such, but to also sensitize them as well. Sensitizing the babies, meaning, teaching them to move away from pressure is one of the biggest lessons we fail to teach at a young age. The initial handling of a young horse has a huge impact on its future. Start ’em right and eliminate problems before they even start. #startemright

Desensitizing to ropes, plastic bags, tarps, loud noises. Sensitize to yielding hindquarters, forequarters, backing, leading groundwork on the obstacle course Trailer Loading Safely tie Clipping/Bathing/Feet Handling Foal Handling: $1,000 one month, includes board.

Foal Imprinting

Did you know that there is a way to insure that your foal gets a good start to his training?  Later on, when he starts his ground training, the foal and his trainer will thank you for it. A simple hour or two of desensitizing on his first day of life is the key.  Joyce Lewis is available for this desensitizing technique and will guide you in the best practices for the first months before and after he is weaned.

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