Jun 26 2017
JL Foal handing
JL Foal handing
JL Foal handing
JL Foal handing

Safe Horse Training is taking a new business model and will now focus on foal handling.

In the Safe Horse Training Program, at your barn or mine,  your foal, weanling or yearling is handled twice a day, learning respect for the human and also desensitization to scary objects. It is so important to not only desensitize the youngsters, teaching them to accept ropes, tarps, plastic bags and such, but to also sensitize them as well.

Sensitizing the babies, means, teaching them to move away from pressure. This is one of the biggest lessons we fail to teach at a young age. The initial handling of a young horse has a huge impact on its future. Start ’em right and eliminate problems before they even begin.

Our foal handling program, monthly or by lessons includes:


  • Ropes
  • Plastic bags
  • Tarps
  • Loud noises


  • Yielding hindquarters
  • Yielding forequarters
  • Backing straight lines, 90-degree angles, and circles
  • Side passing
  • Leading from the right and left sides
  • Groundwork on obstacles

We also work on safely trailer loading, tying, clipping, bathing, feet handling and respecting the human’s personal space.

Start your baby early and correctly. Putting in the time now on a blank canvas will eliminate hard work for you and your horse. Give your foal the best foundation training when they only weight 400lbs. You’ll be rewarded many times over as your youngster grows into a respectful, mannered, willing and obedient partner.

If this sounds like an option you’d like to explore with me, please text me at your convenience at 706-389-0686. You can also fill out the form below. Thank you for exploring the  Safe Horse Training