Colt StartingColt Starting Program

Often I am asked, “Exactly what is it that you teach when you train a horse in your colt starting program?” Well, in a nutshell, I’d say, Safe Horse Training is your horse’s Kindergarten thru Twelfth grade education. In school, we learned to be good citizens, interact politely with others. We learned our basic skills, reading, writing and math. After graduation, we then went on to college, trade school, or right out into the workplace.

At Safe Horse Training, located near Atlanta, GA in Watkinsville, your colt goes through a specific lesson plan that teaches them basic obedience, such as lowering their head for haltering and bridling, standing still for saddling, mount or dismount, de-spooking, trailer loading, stand quietly while tied, maintain consistent gait at the walk, trot and canter, solid brakes and steering, basic backing and lateral movement. All horses in my training program go through the obstacle course, learning to navigate scary objects with confidence. They learn what is expected of them in unfamiliar  situations, the one-rein stop, and forward movement in all the gaits. If more riders and upper level trainers would invest in a colt starting program from the beginning, behavioral issues would be far less common in the finished disciplines or even basic trail riding.  People could get on with what they enjoy most; riding. 

It’s important to note that we not are just “breaking horses” here. There is a fundamental difference between breaking a horse and starting a colt. The preparation and patience that goes into the starting a colt the correct way is what makes the difference between a backyard trainer and a polished professional colt starting program.

When your horse enters the colt starting horse training program and then graduates from the Safe Horse Training, he will be prepared for the next phase of his life, such as dressage, jumping, reining, trail riding and such. Once the basics are solid, the next level of training is easy.

Below is an example of a pre-flight check.