Clinic Descriptions


Safe Horse Training Horsemanship Clinic

  • Ground Work and Under Saddle
  • Obstacle Training, in Hand and Under Saddle
  • Four Person Minimum, Eight Person Maximum
  • $150 per person, per day
  • Two Day Minimum

In the Safe Horse Training Horsemanship Clinic, riders will learn how to establish and maintain a safe and respectful relationship with their equine partner. Each clinic begins on the first day with classroom work. It is imperative in the human/horse relationship to understand how your horse thinks, what makes him tick. When the human can see life through the horse’s eyes, a deep and meaningful relationship and communication begins to develop. After the classroom session, we will go out to the arena for the groundwork session of the clinic. A rope halter, 12′ to 14′ lead rope and training stick are required. If you do not have this equipment, loaners are available. In the afternoon, we’ll saddle up and ride. Each exercise that is taught in the groundwork session is a foundation for the riding portion of the clinic. The only requirement for tack is a snaffle bit, leather curb and loop reins. Shank bits will not work in this clinic, any good fitting saddle is acceptable.

safehorse 2DeSpooking Clinic

  •  Ground Work and Under Saddle
  •  Eight Person Minimum
  •  Three Hours of Group Training $125.00

At the Safe Horse Training DeSpooking Clinic  we work on building the brave horse in the arena and on the obstacle course. Together we will safely and methodically teach you how to build trust and confidence in your horse. If you do not see a clinic scheduled that suits you, contact me about putting together a clinic just for you and your friends, pack a picnic lunch and make a day of it.

Create Your Own Private Clinic

Have you ever wanted to hang out and train all day with Joyce Lewis, without the structure of a clinic?  Do you have specific needs/issues that require one on one time at Safe Horse Training? Are you interested in riding with Joyce and watching her train other horses?  Build your own private clinic with 1-3 participants!

  • $150/day per person at our facility.  Overnight camping and stalls available at an additional fee.
  • $500/day your barn plus expenses. 1-3 people.

Gas Pedal, Brake Clinic

Does your horse have trouble maintaining a safe and comfortable speed at the trot or canter? Or do you just simply have trouble getting your horse to canter on cue, without trotting a half a mile first?

How’s your horse’s brakes? Does he stop with just a whoa? or if you gently pull back on two reins? or does your horse stop when he wants to stop?It may seem silly, but quite often these basic cues are lost. It never hurts to review the function of your horse’s gas pedal and brake! In this half day clinic we will teach the one rein stop, two rein stop, stop from a whoa and help you make sure you’ve got a solid cruise control button on your horse, meaning, when you ask them to trot, they trot and they maintain the trot until you tell the horse to do something different, same with the canter.

Steering and Patterns Clinic

So you have the basics down with your horse but you are wanting to develop a finer tune connection. The Steering and Patterns clinic is designed for the rider who wants to advance their control of their horse under saddle. Have you thought about showing in a horsemanship or trail pattern class but fear that you don’t have good enough communication with your horse? Fear not and sign up for the Steering and Patterns Clinic. This half day clinic is $125.

Swim With Your Horse Clinic

Nothing beats the summer heat then being in the water. Horses and humans alike love a refreshing cool dip. Wouldn’t you love to learn how to safely swim with your horse?  Prerequisite for the swim clinic is participation in a previous Safe Horse Training lesson or clinics.