Providing your horse with a Safe Horse Training Foundation is as essential as sending your child to elementary school.  Whether you’re a professional horse trainer with an equine behavioral issue or a pleasure rider who needs a safety tune-up, Safe Horse Training of Georgia is the right training foundation regardless of your riding discipline.  Primarily training horses out of  Watkinsville, Georgia just outside of Atlanta,  Joyce Lewis of Safe Horse Training holds monthly horse training clinics in Georgia, North Carolina and also travels private and public barns on the east coast. 

Testimonial: Julie & River

I cannot tell you how happy, grateful and excited I am to have my 3-year-old filly working under saddle. They say God brings the right people into your life when you need them and that certainly is the case for me meeting you this year. It was my dream to buy a young horse and when River turned 3 yrs old this past April I knew I needed professional help with our first rides.

I learned so much from you and your professional knowledge kept both me and my horse safe and always positive. Two lessons at first, then we scheduled the 6 lessons in a row at your place and the entire experience could not have been any better. It exceeded my expectation and the quality of your time with us was spot on. I look forward to my journey with River knowing I have you as a trainer. I will be back for lessons, get more homework exercises. Go home and practice, then come back for more. It may be addictive learning! LOL!

Thanks so much,



Looking for that “Safe Horse” in your horse?

If you answer yes to any of these questions, check out our horse training clinics in Georgia and North Carolina:

Are you frustrated with your horse’s disrespectful attitude?  Lack of discipline?  Lack of Knowledge?

Are you short on time that is required to train your horse in order to achieve a willing equine partner?

Possibly you have a youngster that is ready to start under saddle?

Or a foal that is ready to be weaned and needs to learn ground manners?

Attention Professional Horse Trainers!

WilhelmeniaAre you a professional horse trainer in any of the following disciplines that recognizes your horses need a solid foundation in order to succeed in the real world?  Let Safe Horse Training develop a solid foundation on your youngster before you start refining with your discipline.






Endurance or Trail Riding,

Obstacle Competition

Behavioral Issues



After 20 years away from horses, developing my career in title insurance and raising my family, I decided it was time to have horses back in my life. My sister found the most beautiful horse for me to get back in the saddle. Unfortunately, his beauty faded fast, as his disrespectful behavior became more and more dangerous. From stepping on my toes, knocking me over with his head and neck and refusing to get on the trailer, I was desperate for help.  Read More