• Ultimate Horsemanship Challenge

    Attention All Breeds, All Disciplines! Safe Horse Training, in conjunction with Allison Creek Farm presents, The Ultimate Horsemanship Challenge! If you have ever wanted to participate in an equine sport that promotes camaraderie, good sportsmanship, good horsemanship and lots of fun, The Ultimate Horsemanship Challenge is for you! On the first Saturday of the month, beginning April 6th, at Allison Creek Farm, Watkinsville, Georgia, Joyce Lewis and Stacey McCoy host challenges that promise to be the most fun you will ever have with your horse.

    Horse and rider negotiate ten to thirteen obstacles, each judged with a score from one to ten. Each obstacle has a 30 second time limit, meaning that if your horse balks at the obstacle, you will have 30 seconds to encourage your equine partner to trust you and perform the task. Riders will hear a whistle blow, when it's time to move on to the next obstacle. Participants will still receive a score from .5-2 points, even if the obstacle is uncompleted, based on their horsemanship skills in handling the situation. In addition to each obstacle being timed, the overall ride is timed as well. Each run will have a maximum time allowed of eight minutes. In the event of a points tie, the fastest time will prevail. So even though the event is not a race, time is an element and riders should be at a minimum trotting in between each obstacle.

    In addition to the points for each obstacle, the horse and rider team will be awarded an overall horsemanship score, again between one to ten points. The judge will be looking for the rider's ability to execute, in concert with their horse all obstacles, with precision and smoothness while exhibiting poise and confidence, and maintaining a balanced, functional, and fundamentally correct body position. The horse and rider should work in complete unison; there should be subtle aids and cues.

    On a typical obstacle challenge course you should expect obstacles such as log jumps, bridge crossing, gate openings, side passing, backing, water crossing, tarps, teeter totter crossing, loud noises, log dragging, mounting/dismounting, cantering and trailer loading.  Basically, we try to set up the course to be every day challenges that you could possibly encounter out on the trail.

    Are you a little worried that this may be all too overwhelming the first time? A lot of folks are, so we have a "warm up class"  for only $10.00 per run, that allows you to ride a designated test pattern that will be judged.  The score sheets will be released after the class, before the competition begins, this way you get immediate feedback from the judge as to what you need to work on and what you need to do to get the maximum amount of points out of each obstacle.

    To encourage you a little more, Joyce and Stacey conduct Confidence Course Clinics each month to assist horse and rider with building a strong partnership, allowing them the confidence to get in there to compete and go for that beautiful year end award buckle! Sign up for the Safe Horse Training at Allison Creek Farm Newsletter today, so you don't miss out on any opportunities to grow and learn. English and Western riders are welcome. Whatever your discipline, be prepared to dress in appropriate attire. We encourage all participants to review The Ultimate Horsemanship Challenge Rules and Guidelines. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact

    Joyce at 704-836-6201 or Stacey at 706-318-5827 

    ~ Ride Safe!

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