Dec 8 2016

Spring Training Announcement

Time to take advantage of this awesome Safe Horse opportunity for spring training.

Spring Training

We have a spring training treat for you! So many horse owners have taken advantage of the Safe Horse Training Winter Special that I have no more stalls available!

Spring 2017 Safe Horse Training will offer an exciting new special to motivate horse owners to raise their standards and expectations for their horses

Beginning April 1, monthly training $1,000 plus board, second consecutive month of training receive a 10% discount off training; third consecutive month of training receive a 15% discount off training.

This offer is only available April 1st thru July 1st, 2017 and horse must be committed to a full three months of training.

Horses in the Safe Horse Training Program go through an extensive program that includes ground manners, trailer loading, trail riding, consistent speed at the walk, trot and canter, brakes, steering and obstacle training.

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