Mar 5 2018

June 9 & 10, 2018

90 minute private sessions at Leatherman Lane Concord, NC

Cost: $100 per session

What do you want to work on with your equine partner? Do you speak “Horse”? Do you need to improve your communication with your horse? Are you seeing eye to eye with your heart horse?

Customize each session to fit your needs! Work on problem-solving both under saddle and on the ground, confidence building, self-trailer loading, backing or any of the issues below.  What’s the problem? Joyce will help.


Collection and softness



Side passing

Crossing water

Gas pedal and brakes

Leads and lead changes

Cantering with confidence


Your only limitation in your private session is your own imagination.

Before Safe Horse Sessions

seeing eye to eye

Not Seeing Eye to Eye

Not Soft and Collocated

Not Soft and Collected

Spooks at Obstacles

Not Able to Self Load

Relationship Issues

After Safe Horse Sessions

See Eye to Eye

Obtain Collection and Softness

Obstacles are No Issue

Self Loading

Your Horse will Self Load

Work Together with your Horse