Nov 7 2016

Ground Work Outside the Arena

Ground Work is a Key Element to Training Success

Whether I am starting a colt under saddle or I’m restarting a horse with behavioral issues, I always start with ground work in the arena.  I am much safer on the ground teaching a horse and it’s much easier for the horse to understand if I’m on the ground with him.  It’s my intention in the Safe Horse Training Program to build a brave, confident, safe horse.

Like any job, routines can become monotonous and boring, even for horses. Once I develop a relationship with the horse, I then practice the same exact drills I taught him inside the fence, outside the fence. It benefits me and the horse in two ways. For one, we have outside stimuli to keep the work interesting. The environment outside of the round pen or arena is not controlled. Cars are driving by, horses are out running around in the pasture, dogs are barking, there are new sights and sounds outside of the arena. It’s a great training opportunity for me to make sure that I have control of the horse’s feet, regardless of what is going on around him. These are the types of exercises we go through when your horse is in the Safe Horse Training program. 

When you have control of your horse, you have confidence, when you have confidence you feel safe.  Are you  looking to for more ground work exercises for your horse? Contact  me below! I’ll be happy to answer any of your questions.

Ground Work

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