Apr 2 2018

Beat the Heat Summer Night Clinic at Leatherman Lane

It seems North Carolina jumped from winter to summer, with just a small wink of spring in between!

Safe Horse Training and Leatherman Lane have a solution to outsmart the weather! Ride with Joyce Lewis under the lights at Leatherman Lane in Concord, North Carolina.

Join us this summer for the three-part Beat the Heat Series at Leatherman Lane!

June 23rd Gas Pedal/Brake Clinic 7:00 to 9:00 PM  $100.00 per Rider/Horse

Does your horse have good brakes, regardless of the situation?

Four basic stopping techniques will be taught in this group clinic

  1. Emergency One Rein Stop
  2. Two Rein Stop with Softness
  3. Stop off Rider’s Seat
  4. Stop with a Whoa

How’s your horse’s gas pedal? Does your horse maintain gait and cadence?

Quite often rider’s have issues getting their horses to canter and then maintain the canter at a safe speed until asked to stop. Joyce will help you teach your horse to canter on que and maintain the gait until you ask your horse to stop.

Let’s make this evening a community event! Safe Horse Training will grill the Hot Dogs, you provide the sides and desserts!

July 28th Steering Patterns 7:00  to 9:00 PM $100.00 per Rider/Horse

This is an ultra fun clinic! In this clinic, you ride with your buddies working on steering patterns. How often do we really get to ride with a bunch of horse in the arena, each horse “listening” to their herd leader (you) and not worrying about all the other horses? Well, this is a perfect environment to start!

Joyce will instruct riders though fun, safe patterns, helping you teach your horse to be more attentive to your commands and less concerned about what the other horses are doing. After this clinic, you will truly have more fun and more control of your mount.

Potluck dinner! Safe Horse Training will grill the Hot Dogs, you bring the sides and desserts!

August 18th 7:00 to 9:00 PM Cavalettis Clinic $100.00 per Rider/Horse

If you’ve never worked your horse over Cavalettis, you will become hooked after this clinic! Joyce will set up ground poles in various patterns throughout the arena, directing you over cool patterns that will keep your horse thinking and paying attention to not only where his rider directs, but also work on managing his footfall and cadence.

Potluck dinner! Safe Horse Training will grill the Hot Dogs, you bring the sides and desserts!

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