Horse Trailer Maintenance and Repair

Hauling our precious horses can be a nerve racking ordeal, even without the headache of a breakdown. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.The Safe Horse Training trailers are examined and maintained from top to bottom by locally owned Allison Creek Farm Services in Watkinsville, Georgia.

Safe Horse Training trailers take a pounding from training horses to easily load, to long distance hauls. At least once a year, I prefer twice a year, I send my horse trailers to Allison Creek Farm Services for two reasons.

  • First, for the safety of the animals I haul. A break down on the highway for a burnt up bearing is my fault. Bearings and breaks must be inspected a minimum of once a year.
  • Secondly, Allison Creek Farm Services is locally owned by military veterans. You know that I am an US Air Force veteran and my two sons currently serve our country in the US Navy.  Supporting our neighbors not only helps us as a community, but it also gives us the peace of mind that we and our horses will travel safely, because our local trailer mechanic knows us personally and wants the best for us. Safe Horse Training is not just an invoice number at Allison Creek Farm Service, and neither will you be.

"Call Jason Schillaci at 706-765-7794 for personalized service, great communication and expert trailer service. I do! " ~Joyce Lewis

Allison Creek Patience Poles

An important part of the Safe Horse Training program is teaching the horse to stand patiently while tied, anywhere. Once the horse has been taught and understands to give to pressure, they are tied to a patience pole for an hour or two after their lesson.

This exercises serves two purposes.

First, I do not like to spend the time teaching a fundamental lesson, only to put the horse away, allowing him freedom to roam, eat and drink. In my opinion, I’ve lost a great deal of the lesson taught, because the horse anticipates his freedom. Safely tying a horse to a patience pole keeps the horse thinking about the lesson just taught and not gaining his freedom after a lesson.

Additionally, because the pole is designed to rotate, the horse can choose to move his feet. Eventually, the horse will choose the easiest path and will stand still. Once a horse quietly and politely stands while tied to a patience pole, I them start them on cross tying.

I cannot imagine the fear a horse owner must feel when their horse breaks away while being tied at a horse show. Let’s teach our horses obedience and manners at home so we can relax between classes, knowing our horses are calm and comfortable.

Patience poles can be purchased locally at Bar G Cattle and Horse Company in Bishop, GA and are manufactured locally at Allison Creek Farm Services, Watkinsville, GA. For additional information, call Jason Schillaci, 706-765-7794.