What is a Safe Horse?

20131113-0808wMost of us simply want our horses to be respectful and obedient. When we ask them to go, they go, when we ask them to stop, they stop ~ no questions asked, no problems. I don’t want my horse to step on my toes, knock me over with his head or refuse to get on the trailer. I want him to stand still while I saddle him and when I mount.  In my opinion a respectful, obedient horse is a safe horse.

To give you an analogy of exactly “what type” of training I teach in my six week program, I would say that I teach yourFoal Training, 5 month old TWH colt, Sitka horse how to be a good citizen. Very similar to our own “basic” education Kindergarten through twelfth grade.  Just like we learned how to function socially at school, raise our hand to speak, stand in line quietly, respect ourselves and others, I teach the horse how to be respectful and obedient. We learned the basics of reading, writing and math, I teach the horse the basics too, such as walk, trot and canter on a loose rein, load in the trailer, stand quietly while tied, ride safely in a group of horses and negotiate obstacles. Basic respect and control, that is what we all need from our horses in order to stay safe, on the ground and in the saddle.

Once a horse has the basics, like us graduating high school, then we can take that horse to “college” so to speak.  Now we can teach the horse reining, cutting, dressage, jumping and extensive trail riding with the confidence that the horse has a solid foundation, in other words, he’s graduated high school.

Using structured exercises and techniques, that are charted each day for your review, I can help you and your horse create a harmonious, respectful and trusting relationship that allows you to enjoy every minute you share with your equine partner.

Ride Safe!
Joyce Lewis

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